Milligan Water System, Inc.
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Milligan Water System, Inc.
5340 Highway 4 
Baker, FL  32531


             Contact: Milligan Water System, Inc.
                 850-537-9131 or 850-537-9069 
                       FAX# 850-537-7467

​EMERGENCY CONTACTS:  Lisa 850-398-2670

8 AM - 4 PM
8 AM - 4 PM
8 AM - 4 PM
8 AM - 4 PM

​Closed daily from  2:30 - 3:00

0-3000 Gallons
$34.00 Base Rate
3,001-5,000 Gallons
$8.53/1000 Gallons
5,001-7,000 Gallons
$9.29/1,000 Gallons
7,001-10,000 Gallons
$10.06/1,000 Gallons
10,001 Gallons +
$11.06/1000 Gallons
Milligan Water System Residential Rate Schedule
All Utility accounts must be billed for minimum monthly charges. These charges are for operation and maintenance
of the system and therefore, must be billed to all accounts regardless of whether the premises are occupied or vacant. The monthly minimum charge of $34.00, as provided in the rate schedule, shall be made for each meter installed, regardless of location. Each meter requires a separate meter reading sheet and each meter reading sheet shall cover a separate and individual account. If the monthly minimum is not paid within a 90 day period, the member shall be disconnected without notice and will be charged a re-installation fee of $350.00 to regain active service. If the customer requests removal of the meter to avoid the minimum monthly payment fee, a $350.00 meter re-installation fee will be charged if service is to be actively restored as well as charged a new deposit.